Client Case Study - Alfa People

Client Case Study - Alfa People

Client Case Study - Alfa People

AlfaPeople is one of the largest Microsoft Dynamic partners in the world with more than 400 employees in 14 countries focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM.  Rob Ubee is the Managing Director of AlfaPeople in the UK.

Alpha People

Time consuming distractions:  The UK business has been growing steadily but Rob was frustrated by the plethora of tasks that were distracting him from what he really needed to focus on.

Rob said, “I was spending far too much time booking travel, checking timesheets, raising repeat invoices and recording my won expenses.  My inbox was growing ever longer!” 

Initially, Rob thought about employing an administrator, but he realised that there wouldn’t be enough work to keep them occupied 100% of the time.  He had heard about Virtual Personal Assistants and did some research, but was concerned about allowing someone he didn’t know to participate in the business.

Personal touch builds trust:   At this point, Rebecca Newenham, Founder of GetAhead VA, was introduced to Rob and a meeting was arranged in London. 

“It was really important for me to meet Rebecca and Leslie, who has now been working with us for 6 months.  I needed to be sure that Leslie had the skills required, would fit the culture of the business and that I could trust her with the tasks and information that I was giving her access to.”

Flexible time and Added Value:   Leslie took over one task at a time following a process that was developed to ensure a smooth handover.  The flexibility meant that once one task has been handed over Leslie’s time could be increased to start working on the next one. 

Rob said “This flexibility of time would have been incredibly difficult to achieve had we employed an office assistant.”

Moving forward, Rob is looking to increase Leslie’s time so that she is available to other members of the team.  

Additionally, Leslie has been able to help with ad-hoc tasks such as proof reading and sense checking proposals.  Having someone from outside the company has helped ensure that the proposals were clear and understandable to the non-technical reader. 

Great value for money:  GetAhead invoice all their clients by the minute.  If it’s a quiet period Rob only needs to pay for the time that Leslie has logged.

“Engaging a Virtual Assistant has been a very cost effective way to bring office administration to the business.  The way that GetAhead charge is extremely fair”, commented Rob.

Freedom to grow the business:  “Leslie has been proactively helpful and is a great addition to our team.  We had good business growth last year and I know this is down to the fact that I gained time back to focus on the areas that would make this happen” Rob reflected.

Contact details:

Rebecca Newenham, Get Ahead VA Ltd

Address: 18 Pewley Bank, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3PU

Phone: (01483) 332220


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