Keep your business safe this 'Business Safety' week

Keep your business safe this

Keep your business safe this 'Business Safety' week

This week is UK Business Safety Week.  Run by the Chief Fire Officers Association, this event is designed to highlight the help and support that is available to businesses from their local fire and rescue service.  

The aim is to reduce the number of enforcement notices delivered to businesses and encourage them to make fire safety an everyday part of working life. 

As a business owner you are constantly juggling.  With so many tasks fighting for your attention, fire safety can seem like a lesser priority.  But nothing should be more important than protecting your staff, buildings and resources.  The good thing is that there are lots of organisations ready to help.

  • Your local fire and rescue service can help you protect your business from the risks of fire.  You can find the contact details of your local service here.
  • The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has a number of useful resources on its website, including links to the Government-produced guides for all sorts of different types of workplace, from Animal Premises through to Theatres and Cinemas.
  • The Fire Protection Association (FPA) offers information, advice, products and services relating to all aspects of fire safety, risk management and loss prevention.  Their website includes links to resources and training, such as a free guide to Fire Risk Assessment for Small Businesses and a Risk Assessment Record Template for Simple Premises.  This simple to use template follows the five-step method (as recommended in guidance in support of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order) to help you to record fire hazards, assess the risk and evaluate measures to reduce the likelihood of a fire.
  • The RISC Authority conducts research in support of the development and sharing of best practice on the protection of property and business.  You can access their free Risk Review Reports for a wide variety of business types including industrial, medical, retail, and agricultural workplaces.


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