Life of a Mumpreneur

Life of a Mumpreneur

Life of a Mumpreneur

We heard the exciting news at the end of last week that Rebecca is a Finalist for 'Best Supporting Business' in this year's national  Mumpreneur awards.

Getting back to paid work while you still have young children is a challenge at the best of times. Jobs that are compatible with family life are so elusive, that many women opt for starting their own businesses as a better option.

Is this route for you?

Here are a few key issues to think about before you start printing up the stationery:

Research. You may have a great idea, but is there a gap in the market – and is the potential market interested? Perhaps you don’t have an idea yet – what kind of needs are out there which you are in a position to address?

Time. Be realistic about how many hours per day you can devote to business. If your children are not yet in school, this may be only nap times and evenings; are you prepared to set aside this time? If you are, then make sure you ‘ring-fence’ both working hours and family hours, so no one gets short-changed, and everyone is clear where they stand;

Finance. Keep a close eye on income and expenses; prepare and stick to your business plan; and look into grants and funding;

Inspiration. Why not make sure you choose something that you love, or that really interests you? When the administration piles up and the stress builds, you want to be able to remember why you’re doing it in the first place!

Many small businesses find they need the remote support that a Virtual Assistant can provide, especially when just starting out.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help!


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