Looking for coaching in Surrey?

Looking for coaching in Surrey?

Looking for coaching in Surrey?

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Colourful Coaching - What is our offering? 

Our one-to-one coaching offer a confidential relationship which provides challenge, clarity, encouragement and practical steps. Depending on the individual this approach can be more effective than group training. 

We believe that the rapid way to results is to make sure that the coach and client have a really effective relationship.  We ensure this happens by having the first two sessions within a fortnight of each other so that rapport is established. 

Every client is provided with an A5 folder and after each session notes are provided.  Often a colourful pathway (using post-its) is created to give direction and clarity this would be done during the session. 

What are the benefits?

Based on a Co-Active approach the client and coach work hard to achieve 2 or 3 goals set on the first two sessions.  These can be any of the following:- 

  • Raising individuals profiles within an organisation that then leads to promotion or raised visibility
  • Fresh approach to presentations so that individuals have their own delivery style 
  • Support for learning and development towards professional qualifications
  • Developing and refining communications skills as a team leader, leading to more effective relationships
  • Personal goals – marathons/new house purchase/parenting etc…these always support the motivation and morale when back at the organisation

How will this work?

2 sessions (2 hours in length) within a fortnight of each other to develop rapport and set goals

Once commitment is made:-

  • 6 sessions once a month
  • Areas or goals to achieve (focus 2 or 3)
  • £250 per session (2 hours) 

Client feedback:-

"I have found my coaching sessions have really helped me with my development, both personally and professionally. They have given me clarity of direction and helped me set clear timelines and goals around the steps I need to take to get where I want to be in my career. The one-to-one support in identifying obstacles personal to me and making it easy to work on overcoming them has been invaluable. It has been a positive and productive experience and I would, and have already recommend life coaching to my peers."

“Beverlie has helped me to develop and refine my presentation skills from effective storyboarding to delivering with confidence to large audiences. Her personable style and coaching has really helped me to take my presentation skills to the next level and most importantly she has helped me to find my natural style when delivering. I recommend Beverlie highly as a coaching expert."

“The coaching with Beverlie Wilkinson has been hugely beneficial to me both personally and professionally. It has helped me focus on the areas which I need to develop and has also opened my eyes to how important language used is when dealing with colleagues. It has challenged my thinking and I always come away from a session feeling very positive and inspired. It is great business tool which you can actually use in your day-to-day working life – not something that you leave behind until the next session. I would highly recommend Beverlie and the work she does.”

To contact Beverlie:

01483 898 936






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