Meet our VA: Louisa Summerfield - Customer Service Expert

Meet our VA: Louisa Summerfield - Customer Service Expert

Meet our VA: Louisa Summerfield - Customer Service Expert

Louisa Summerfield | Customer Service

Here at Get Ahead VA our people are everything.  Our growing team has a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds, expertise and different personalities to ensure that we can find exactly the right VA to match our customers' requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with one of our VAs who uses her own unique insight of running her own business to benefit Get Ahead VA’S clients:

Name: Louisa Summerfield

Area of expertise: Customer Service

When & why did you join Get Ahead VA: I joined Get Ahead VA about 18 months ago as I was ready for a new challenge.  My own business had started to take care of itself and with my children getting into their teens I had some time on my hands.  I hate not being busy!  I love the variety of work and clients that working virtually for a team like Get Ahead VA provides as well as the flexible hours.

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead VA: I set up my own business in 2007 ( and before that held a variety of roles including being a Business Consultant with corporate clients such as GSK and Abercrombie & Fitch.  I also trained as a Solicitor.

Career highlight to date: Setting up my own business has been amazing.  The idea came through my own experience of disability and struggling to find clothes tailored to wheelchair user needs.  The business now provides designer wear for wheelchair women all over the world and is particularly successful in America.

Plans for the future: I love to travel and am really looking forward to my trip to India this year.  We are travelling all around the country experiencing its’ highlights.  I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience.

If your business could benefit from help from Louisa or any of our other VAs please get in touch on 01483 332220 or


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