Top Christmas Present Ideas for Your Clients

Top Christmas Present Ideas for Your Clients

Top Christmas Present Ideas for Your Clients

Our 10 Best Corporate Monthly Subscription Gifts for 2014

Looking for the best corporate Christmas gifts that will last more than a few days? And keeps you in their mind all year? Well look no further, with monthly subscription gifts it really shows your clients how much you value and know them.

 1. Book Lovers

They get: A book a month tailored to their reading preference and every month they will receive a beautifully wrapped book through the door with a personal message.

Price: From £29.99

2. Beauty 

They get: A wonderful selection of tried and tested beauty samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems. Which includes everything from skincare to makeup.

Price: From £10+ P&P or

3. Magazine Subscription

They get: If you think this is a boring gift, think again. What better present to receive than a monthly magazine on something you're interested in.  Be it cars, gardening, cooking, fashion, news or current affairs the selection is vast.

Price: Start from as low as £1 for three months depending on your choice. 

4. Health Conscious 

They get: A selection of tasty snacks with health benefits, including nuts, dried fruit, dips, olives and seeds, as well as some well-deserved flapjacks, cakes, popcorn and natural treats.

Price: £3.89

5. Sweet Tooth

They get: To choose their FAVOURITE SWEETS - Approx 800g in every box!

Price: £7.95

6. Garden Lover

They get: An annual supply of seasonal seeds to plant and grow. They will receive four boxes with five seed packs, tags, twine and soap all beautifully designed to fit through the letterbox.

Price £49.99 for a year

7. Singles Club

They get: A limited edition 7” single every month from the hottest new underground talent. Perfect for any music lover,  who has a record player!

Price: £35 for a year

8. Surprise 

They get: Who knows, every month you’ll receive a surprise present in the post, from great artists, designers and brands. Past surprises have been Tatty Devine necklace and HM Kala pocket sundial.

Price: Various

9. Coffee Club

They get: A bag of coffee from all over the world every month. With hints and tips on brewing, they will also get a choice of ground or beans.

Price: From £25.35 for 3 months

10. Tea Club

They get: A wonderful variety of tea delivered through the door, the recipient will get to taste a selection of award winning teas plus receive some top secret eteaket recipes for tea cocktails, iced teas and tea treats

Price: From £69.95 for a year

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