Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Too busy to do your social media?

Not really sure what to say, how to say it or how often to say it?  

Let our Social Media team do it for you!

People who like a brand on Facebook, follow a brand on Twitter or subscribe to a brand’s email newsletter, are more likely to buy and recommend that brand.  Social Media gives you the chance to enter into a conversation with your customers.  It allows you to tell your customers what products you provide and much more importantly it allows your customers to respond and for you to listen and interact with them.

Social media enables every person to share their thoughts and opinions with friends and consumers.  If you provide them with a great customer experience, social media will reward you with positive reviews and endorsements that attract new business.

If a customer has a less than perfect experience, social media will let you know. But that's not such a bad thing so long as you take the opportunity to respond to them and use that feedback constructively to improve the way you serve your customers.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all methods of talking to your customers.  At GetAhead VA, we can discuss with you the best options and how we can properly support you in your business.

How does it work?

We will agree a specific social media plan for your business. This can be on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn depending on which social media sites are most relevant to your business.

For example, a monthly social media plan may consist of:

  1. Setting up a month’s worth of scheduled posts on your business Facebook page (posts are scheduled for a specific date and time throughout the month).
  2. Setting up auto-tweet on Twitter and scheduling the month’s tweets via Hootsuite
  3. Interaction with other pages, responding to comments and giving relevant feedback and likes

A social media plan can be tailored to your exact needs with interesting and relevant content and interaction.

"I started my own business back in the autumn and needed help with social media marketing I contacted Rebecca and was introduced  to Angela.  Angela has been a fabulous support to me..not only does she do my Twitter and Facebook but has helped me put together newsletters and mailshots.  She is very reliable and will always get things done at short notice.  Just what I need.  I would recommend Angela to anyone wanting an extra hand with the administrative side of their business."

Rachel Law, 121 Fitness and Health

Here at Get Ahead we recognise that you cannot grow your business simply by having a social media profile.  You need to be interacting and showing a natural interest in others rather than flooding everyone’s news feeds with constant sales pitches!

Just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and suggest the best plan for you 01483 332220 or email

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