Meet the VA: Isil

Isil Simsek has a degree in Economics and has spent many years in the retail sector as a buyer. She trained as a social media marketer in 2015. She has been working with small and medium sized businesses helping them grow their online communities, increase brand awareness and social conversions.

If your business could benefit from help from Isil or any of our other VAs please get in touch on 01483 332220 or


Expert Showcase: What is Tweet Jukebox?

Here at Get Ahead VA our team includes experts in a wide variety of fields.  From Accounting to Admin, Hootsuite to Holiday cover, Email Marketing to Excel, our virtual assistants can add value to many aspects of your business.  Every month we deliver some of this expertise to you, with a series of ‘How to’ guides to help you get the best bang for your buck in your business.

In this guide one of our marketing and social media experts Kimba talks about a lesser known Twitter tool – Tweet Jukebox and how it could be a real asset for your business.

Many people have regular content that they want to send out to their Twitter audience, but we all know that not every Tweet gets read by every one of your followers.  By tweeting links to your website content or blog posts on a regular basis you are giving them the best chance to be read by the widest number of people.  But scheduling tweets on a regular basis can be time consuming.  You need to remember when the last time you scheduled it was, so that you don’t become too repetitive.  The free app Tweet Jukebox can do all of that for you, maximising the penetration of the content you have spent time (and/or money) developing.


Meet the VA Jayne

Jayne | Business Development & Account Management

Here at Get Ahead VA our people are everything.  Our ever growing team has a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds, expertise and even different personalities to ensure that we can find exactly the right VA to match our customers’ requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with one of our VAs who loves the flexibility of working with Get Ahead VA, using the skills she gained through a career in Business Development:

Name:  Jayne Hooper

Area of expertise: Business Development & Account Management (more…)

Our top 3 Social Media websites

Social media is an ever changing world.  Just like content marketing and SEO, regular algorithm changes and app developments mean that what you found highly effective one day can suddenly find you at the bottom of the pile the next.

Keeping up to date with all the changes is difficult if you are not a social media expert.  Most of us are busy doing our day jobs, constantly juggling to get as much done as possible.  We simply don’t have time to read up on everything.  However, there are a few websites and newsletters which can help you keep up to date with the constantly evolving social media industry. 


LinkedIn: What is a showcase page?

LinkedIn can be an excellent marketing tool for your business.  From simply posting updates to sophisticated advertising campaigns, there are a number of ways in which you can harness its’ potential.

 One way you can use LinkedIn in your social media marketing strategy is through Showcase pages.  Showcase pages are an extension of your Company page and are usually used to represent a brand, business unit or company initiative.  They are designed to build up a long term relationship with followers of the page, so are not suitable for short term marketing campaigns or events.