More of Get Ahead VA’s favourite apps

Here at Get Ahead VA, we’re happy to let you in on some of our business secrets – the things that help our virtual assistants to be as organised and efficient as they can be. Previously we’ve told you about Get Ahead VA’s favourite apps, and today we’re back with another helping.

So without further ado, here are 5 more brilliant apps that can help you to manage your business and keep yourself informed!


Bitly is a URL-shortening app that you can install on your phone or add as an extension to your web browser. If you need to share a link with your social media followers or members of your team, just pop it into Bitly and get a shorter, more shareable version to use in its place. With this app you can also customise URLs to fit with your branding, and track the analytics for each link.


10 unusual ideas for a wedding businesses

There’s been no escaping the royal wedding recently, but whether you love the royals or not, there’s no question that weddings are big business. Research by wedding website has revealed that weddings are worth more than £10 billion per year to the UK economy, with the average wedding costing around £36,000.

But the wedding industry, though huge, can be notoriously difficult to break into – especially the more popular fields such as events planning, catering and floristry. So how can you make a mark in a world overwhelmed by weddings?

If you’re interested in starting a wedding business or expanding your current offering, here are 10 unusual ideas for breaking into the wedding market.


What is a business incubator?

If you are looking to start or grow your business, then you might be thinking about using a business incubator. But what are they and what do they actually do? Are they the same as business accelerators or different? Here we try and clarify some of this growing area of business development.

Businesses incubators are usually physical spaces, available on relatively flexible terms, which provide services to support start-up businesses

Both business incubators and accelerators help new and start-up companies through the early stages of growth. The difference between the two appears to be that whilst accelerators are geared more around funding, incubators are more focussed on providing a physical space where entrepreneurs can come together to work and learn. The rent that incubators charge helps fund the services they provide.


Meet the VA: Jen

Here at Get Ahead VA, our people are everything. Our ever-growing team includes a wide range of highly skilled professionals with different backgrounds, expertise and personalities to ensure we can find exactly the right virtual assistant to match our customers’ requirements.

Here’s 60 seconds with one of our VAs, Jen, a digital marketing professional who recently joined our team.

Name: Jennifer Clay

Area(s) of expertise:  Supporting clients in building on and growing an engaging and results driven brand presence, with the consumer/client at the forefront of all activity.

When and why did you join Get Ahead VA? I joined Get Ahead VA in 2019 to be able to work with a variety of new and exciting client brands and projects, whilst building upon a more flexible lifestyle around my two young children. 

What did you do before you joined Get Ahead VA? I have worked in corporate marketing for 13 years, mainly in the manufacturing, construction and finance sectors. Where I built my career up from Marketing executive to Strategic marketing management. I have also freelanced during career gaps in the retail and medical sectors. 

Career highlight to date: Led the development of the “Local Supply Chain” brand and launched the company at the LEP Contractor Event, resulting in 25,000 people registered to the site, converting 20% and generated £1.25m in subscriptions

Plans for the future:  I am looking to build upon my freelance and consultancy brand, whilst completing my MBA, and writing my first eBook to publish and release, that will support small businesses and entrepreneurs in their marketing and brand building journey. 

If your business could benefit from Jen’s help, or from any of our other VAs, please get in touch on 01483 332220 or [email protected]. We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

Get Ahead VA targets Croydon, Reigate and Redhill

Here at Get Ahead VA we are delighted to announce our expansion in Surrey and Greater London with the appointment of two new virtual assistants Audrey Lenihan and Jo Haley

Audrey joins the Get Ahead VA team to represent the business in Croydon.  Croydon is a major economic centre in London.  It is also a major contributor of labour and skills to the London economy and is recognised as an important strategic location for business activity.  Audrey brings with her over twenty years of experience in business to consumer and business to business marketing, both client and agency side.  Specialising in digital marketing and particularly social media marketing, she is passionate about helping businesses grow and achieve their potential.  

Jo joins the team to represent the business in the busy Surrey area of Redhill and Reigate.  She brings with her fourteen years of experience in marketing, events and administration, including nine years working for Toyota GB.

Our Founder and Director Rebecca Newenham said: “Croydon, Reigate and Redhill are important economic hubs in Surrey and Greater London, packed with businesses both large and small.  We felt that as our business grew there was a real opportunity to extend our presence on the ground there by appointing Audrey and Jo.  Their face to face networking will work in tandem with our online marketing to raise awareness of the excellent range of virtual assistant services that we can offer to businesses in this area.” 

At Get Ahead VA we provide a nationwide virtual assistant service with the flexibility, value and performance that small businesses need in the 21st century, digital economy.  We love to take on the tasks our clients don’t have time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do.

To find out more about how we can help please get in touch on 01483 332220 or visit  We pride ourselves on being the staff our clients don’t see, but the difference they do.  

Meet the VA: Jennifer

Jennifer became a bilingual VA in 2016 after working as a Personal/Executive Assistant in Paris for 15 years. She grew up in England but was always passionate about Europe and learning foreign languages. When she began her first full-time job in Disneyland Paris in 1999, it was the beginning of a new life in France for her. Now completely bilingual, she is equally comfortable in both cultures.

During her career, Jennifer has assisted high level executives in a variety of industries. Through her experiences, she has developed strong administrative skills and a good knowledge of HR procedures.

As a dynamic, reliable and trustworthy PA, Jennifer is highly motivated and looks to provide her clients with efficient and reliable administrative support. She is a good communicator, uses her initiative and is well organised.

Based near Paris, Jennifer is ready to help clients in any geographical location. Target clients are small businesses and sole traders in both the UK (who need a French speaker) and France (who need an English speaker).

When not working, she can be found wearing a Girl Guider uniform (encouraging girls to be themselves, have fun, build lifelong friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and communities).

“I  started as a bilingual VA after realising that there is a growing need from businesses and sole traders for virtual administrative services, that are only paid for when needed, with no recruitment costs or need for a permanent contract. I am now able to assist both French and English speaking businesses with tasks including general administration (email and agenda management, travel organisation, tracking of expenses, document preparation, etc.), event organisation (meetings, lunches/dinners, fairs or exhibitions), HR projects (recruitment, training, health and safety requirements, etc.), communication (social media accounts, websites, translations and interpretation).”

If your business could benefit from Jennifer’s help, or from any of our other VAs, please get in touch on 01483 332220 or [email protected]. We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.