Client Focus: Driven Woman & Miisa Mink

Get Ahead VAGet Ahead ClientClient Focus: Driven Woman & Miisa Mink

Here at Get Ahead VA we are privileged to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from will writers to window cleaners, financial consultants to fashion designers.  All of our clients are motivated and driven business owners, with clear plans for business growth.  They recognise the value of outsourcing, passing onto others tasks that either they lack skills in, or tasks that drain their valuable time.

Following on from International Women’s Day earlier this week, our client interview this month is with highly successful business woman Miisa Mink.  Miisa supports other women in business through her international networking business Driven Woman.

Here is 60 seconds with Miisa who was ready to hand over some of the day-to-day tasks in her business, so she could focus on new development opportunities:

What situation was your business in when you came to Get Ahead VA?

The time had come that I needed help.  My business was growing well and I had lots of ideas of how to grow the business even further.  But there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for me to do it all.

What problems were you experiencing?

I had more work to do than I wanted to do myself.  The real trigger was when I decided I wanted to put on an event in London.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep running the business as well as putting together the inspirational day I had in mind.

What might have happened if you hadn’t taken any action?

I would not have been able to focus on the more important initiatives that grow my business.  I would have tried to do it all and my work-life balance would have suffered.  I would not have been able to grow my business as quickly as I wanted and take advantage of both national and international expansion opportunities.

How did Get Ahead VA help solve the problem for you?

I was able to hand over a whole area of work to my virtual assistant Melanie, freeing up my time to focus on the projects I wanted to.  The core aspect of membership of Driven Woman network is the monthly membership meetings but on top of that we organise regular workshops and social nights.  Mel is now in charge of the events calendar.  She arranges introduction events for new members, sets up the workshops and manages the social nights, coordinating between different group leaders across greater London.  She keeps the whole thing together through her organised, structured approach.  She also manages our email newsletter list, including adding new members onto the database to ensure it is up to date.

Why did you choose a VA and not a part time member of staff?

For me, I wanted to be a client not a boss.  I didn’t want to spend time recruiting someone, training them, managing them and overseeing their work.  I simply wanted to be able to hand over the whole area of work and expect the service to be delivered.  I was confident that Get Ahead VA would have suitably efficient members of the team and I was right.

What has this meant to you and your business?

Melanie has made a fantastic difference to me and my business.  I was able to turn my idea for the Festival of Doers into a reality, without compromising my existing business or my work/life balance.  The event was a huge success and I have had many new enquiries as a result.  I have also had the time and head space to support the global development of our business.  We now have group leaders in Finland, Singapore and New Zealand with more on the way.  I can see our requirement for first class business support services to only increase as our business grows in the coming months and years.

Our nationwide virtual assistant service enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to get back to what they do best – growing and running their businesses.

If your business could benefit from the help of our highly experienced team of virtual assistants in the UK please contact us on 01483 332220 or email us at [email protected] We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

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