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After 12 years working in a HR world, I decided I needed a new challenge. I went into HR to help businesses to grow and help people to enjoy their roles. HR tends to get very busy with the day to day. Which meant I no longer had a love for the role.

I started looking for a career change and then found myself looking at franchise opportunities. I came across several opportunities, which I thought I could do but then I came across Get Ahead. The model of the business was exactly what I had gone into HR for. Firstly, helping businesses manage their headcount to produce the most productivity. Secondly, to help people manage working in a successful career around their home commitments.

I have always been a strong promoter of home working, as I know myself how much more I get done than I do in an office, where there are many distractions. I am also aware of the amount of times a director of a business, stresses about needed two positions, yet only has the budget for one. This solution solved both. This was great for me as it has given me back the job satisfaction I originally had and leaves me able to continue to help businesses, plan their workloads and people. While offering a solution for the gaps.

With Get Ahead South Yorkshire, I support businesses in Doncaster, Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Worksop. I will also be helping support with HR in the other Regions.

So if you need help please call 01302 288380 or email me jo@getaheadva.com to arrange a call.

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